New England is trying to untangle hair braid licensing

BY: Claire Parker, Boston Globe, June 21, 2017

The latest legislative trend to weave its way through New England? Efforts to deregulate hair braiding...

...State Senator Ryan Fattman, a Webster Republican, said in an interview that in the process of crafting a bill to allow barbers to make house calls — which became law last July — he discovered that braiders often don’t know they are required to obtain a cosmetology license, and those that do spend thousands of dollars to get one. He proposed legislation that would remove licensing requirements in the hopes of extending economic opportunities to hair braiders, who, according to Nick Sibilla of the Institute of Justice, are predominantly African-American and African immigrant women. It is also a popular practice among people of Caribbean descent.

“It’s an ethnic vocation that people have learned in their upbringing and they do it, and they do it without realizing they have to be licensed,” Fattman said. “We wanted to basically lower the barriers to entry for people who make a living this way.”



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