MetroWest, Milford area people testify on Beacon Hill about ‘Safe Communities Act’

BY: Christopher Gavin, The Metro West Daily News, June 9, 2017

Among hundreds gathered in a Statehouse hearing room Friday, Milford area and MetroWest lawmakers and residents testified both in support of and against the proposed Safe Communities Act – commonly known as the “sanctuary state” bill.

Many called the legislation the latest, necessary civil rights measure to ensure, among other things, undocumented immigrant families are not torn apart through deportation over non-serious offenses. Others described it as opening the door for violent criminals and make cities and towns more dangerous....

Maloney, providing testimony alongside state Sen. Ryan Fattman, R-Sutton, detailed the death of her son, Matthew Denice, who was killed in 2011 by an undocumented immigrant driver with a previous criminal record who was driving drunk....


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