New England is trying to untangle hair braid licensing

BY: Claire Parker, Boston Globe, June 21, 2017

The latest legislative trend to weave its way through New England? Efforts to deregulate hair braiding...

...State Senator Ryan Fattman, a Webster Republican, said in an interview that in the process of crafting a bill to allow barbers to make house calls — which became law last July — he discovered that braiders often don’t know they are required to obtain a cosmetology license, and those that do spend thousands of dollars to get one. He proposed legislation that would remove licensing requirements in the hopes of extending economic opportunities to hair braiders, who, according to Nick Sibilla of the Institute of Justice, are predominantly African-American and African immigrant women. It is also a popular practice among people of Caribbean descent.

“It’s an ethnic vocation that people have learned in their upbringing and they do it, and they do it without realizing they have to be licensed,” Fattman said. “We wanted to basically lower the barriers to entry for people who make a living this way.”



MetroWest, Milford area people testify on Beacon Hill about ‘Safe Communities Act’

BY: Christopher Gavin, The Metro West Daily News, June 9, 2017

Among hundreds gathered in a Statehouse hearing room Friday, Milford area and MetroWest lawmakers and residents testified both in support of and against the proposed Safe Communities Act – commonly known as the “sanctuary state” bill.

Many called the legislation the latest, necessary civil rights measure to ensure, among other things, undocumented immigrant families are not torn apart through deportation over non-serious offenses. Others described it as opening the door for violent criminals and make cities and towns more dangerous....

Maloney, providing testimony alongside state Sen. Ryan Fattman, R-Sutton, detailed the death of her son, Matthew Denice, who was killed in 2011 by an undocumented immigrant driver with a previous criminal record who was driving drunk....


Sen. Fattman's Amendment Blocks EBT To Be Used For Recreational Pot

BY: Charlene Arsenault, Milford Patch, May 28, 2017

State Senator Ryan C. Fattman announced this week his amendment banning the use of welfare funds on purchasing recreational marijuana has passed in the State Senate’s budget...


Senator Fattman Named To Committee On Cyber Security

BY: Charlene Arsenault, Milford Patch, May 16, 2017

Senator Ryan Fattman, R-Webster, recently was appointed by State Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr (R-Gloucester) to serve on the legislature’s special committee on cyber security...


Sutton legislators distribute Easter baskets

BY: Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, April 20,2017

State elected officials, including Sen. Ryan Fattman and Rep. Joseph McKenna, convened at the Worcester Court House to distribute Easter baskets on April 11 to children in need. The officials worked in conjunction with The Easter Basket Project, a non-profit group based out of Hopedale, which provides baskets for children who are hospitalized or whose families might not be able to provide gifts on Easter morning...


Senator, Rep Honor Milford Regional Medical Center, HomeGoods

BY: Charlene Arsenault,, April 19, 2017

On Wednesday morning, Senator Ryan Fattman and Representative Kevin Kuros visited the HomeGoods in Milford and the Milford Regional Medical Center to present Senate citations. The citations honored both employers for partnering with Crossroads Clubhouse in their employment opportunity program and for giving opportunities to individuals with disabilities, according to the announcement...


Retiring community college president payout sparks call for new cap rules

BY: Matt Stout, Boston Herald, April 1, 2017

A retired community college president’s staggering $334,000 golden parachute is breathing new life into calls to rein in the generous payouts, where reforms to date — including caps on vacation-time buyouts — have fallen short of the mark, lawmakers warn.

“It’s mind-blowing,” said state Sen. Ryan Fattman, a Webster Republican. “There has to be something that can be done legislatively and I think these are the types of stories that give those efforts a lot of traction. This is something my staff and I have been talking a lot about.”


State Senator Ryan Fattman recognizes local students

BY: The Milford Daily News, March 30, 2017

State Sen. Ryan Fattman, R-Webster, recently recognized nine eighth-graders from the Worcester and Norfolk senate district for their year of service as Project 351 ambassadors. The nine ambassadors join more than 360 other young leaders across the commonwealth as participants in this statewide youth-led service initiative. Ambassadors are selected by local educators to represent Massachusetts 351 cities and towns...


Senate Moves to Protects Cities & Towns from Unfunded Mandate

BY: Pamela Johnson, Bellingham Bulletin, March 28, 2017

According to a recent report by State Auditor Suzanne Bump, provisions of a 2014 state law requiring municipalities to conduct early voting constitute an unfunded mandate.  Senate Republicans including Senator Ryan C. Fattman (R-Webster, pictured above) are moving to address that problem with a bill to require the state to meet its funding obligations for an elections process that has become popular with voters...


Fattman announces appointment to 6 committees

BY: Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, March 9, 2017

State Sen. Ryan Fattman (R-Webster) recently announced the Senate Standing Committee and five Joint Standing Committees of the Senate he will be joining as assistant minority Whip.

“I am honored to be appointed to these committees and am looking forward to another productive year on Beacon Hill,” said Fattman. “I hope that these committees continue to be a strong resource in the Senate, and positively contribute to the legislative conversations that affect the Commonwealth.”