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    Hi Ryan,

    I am writing you to ask you to support the recently filed bill under the title Docket 2047 (Docket 3432 in the House). This bill will remove Roxbury Community College from control of the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Athletic Center. The Center will then be and independent state facility, with a new board of trustees controlling it. We need a group that has a vision that this facility is a state wide facility for use by the high school track and field community during the Winter season. This was one of the reasons that the Center was created. The present governing group seems to have lost that vision. They have also seemed to lose the vision that the local community should be involved in the center throughout the year. Please support this effort. Thank you for your time and and consideration.
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    Dear Senator Fattman,

    I appreciate the work you are doing on issues for the Blackstone Valley. I understand you are a member of the Committee that is reviewing S. 482 on large scale soil importation projects. I wanted to find out more about the purpose of this bill. It seems to be designed to reduce the ability of local governments to protect the health and safety of their residents from projects located in other parts of the state who wish to reduce their costs in moving construction soils. As you know, the Blackstone Valley shares a single water source in its aquifer. If chemical plumes begin to impact the aquifer there is no other water source available to our towns. The current projects there have failed their last two inspections with loads returned for materials that were not supposed to have been moved to those sites. The developers have also been unable to meet their statutory responsibilities to show those materials are within the legal limits, where those apply, because of inadequate laboratory facilities. I understand the strong desire of Boston-based developers to reduce their constructions costs and accelerate large-scale projects. I believe they can find adequate low-risk locations to dump their waste products outside of areas directly over critical water supplies that cannot be replaced.

    I would appreciate any feedback you can provide on these issues and any clarifications you can provide on this proposal.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Franz

    Uxbridge, MA
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    Senator Fattman, I’ll be brief because I know your time is valuable. We have only met once and you have no reason to remember me. I recently served as Michael Cowett’s campaign treasurer in his recent run for state representative. At any rate, I am a 50-year-old business professional who recently began working on my second Masters degree at Johns Hopkins (in Government). This term I have a class entitled “State Politics: A Year in the Life.” I do not know if this is at all possible but I would love the opportunity to spend a day visiting you and shadowing you in your work. I have no other motive than to learn. I realize this request is probably impossible (not to mention inconvenient for you) but I thought I would ask. Keep up the good work there. Proud of you and all you do for the people of our state.
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